Production Line for Lubricants ”S 606” MOTOR OIL

METROTECH, having taken part in an international competition, was chosen out of hundreds of worthy competitors by MOTOR OIL to construct the production line for lubricants at the Saint Theodor installation in Greece.

The production line begins at the first floor, where the containers are located.

  • A long type conveyer belt was installed for the supply of the line with containers, with an autonomous extended time option.
  • The conveyer belt was equipped in accordance to the regulated placement of the containers and automatic set up of transfer allowed for the containers to be taken by the lift to the basement, where the main production line is located.

The main packaging line includes:

  • Position for complete weighing
  • Position for control of weight with option for rejection of overweight or underweight barrels
  • Position for sealing of barrels with aluminum film
  • Automatic feeding of caps
  • Position for screwing of caps
  • Position for labeling
  • Transfer to paletizer

The entire production line is supported by high level automation with multiple checkpoints and alarms.

This specific packaging production line was to prove an inspiration for the construction of many such other production lines both here in Greece and abroad