Production Packaging Line Olive Oil“CRETAN OLIVE MILL”

This specific production line for olive oil is a complete line which includes the congregate of all required machinery

4-headed volumetric filler
Capper for all types of lids (for glass, tin and plastic containers)
2-headed labeler for pasting front and rear labels
Automatic feeding table for all types of containers (many various types)
Automatic cap feeding (5 types)
Automatic feeding of heat sealed capsules

The unique characteristics of this line are:

  • It packs 40 different containers.
  • The use of 3 touch screen monitors for basic machines which control the entire supplementary system.
  • Monitoring of the operation with the potential to detect problems by our company via telecommunication line
  • Nitrogen output system pre capping
  • Error detection of flow of asymmetrical containers
  • Stabilizing belt for bottles during the labeling process
  • Light-sensor detector for transparent labels