HF Production Line Saratov, Russia

Before this specific production line was completed, METROTECH had already successfully constructed chemical packaging production lines for the ECOLAB company both in Greece and Poland.

The uniqueness of this production line for this installation in Russia was the material (hydrofluoric acid), which is especially corrosive and toxic.

The “architecture” of the production line includes an automatic feeding table for the containers, a complete weighing system with 2 filling nozzles, automatic feeding of caps and automatic screwing of caps.

Due to the intense corrosive nature if the material to metal, special care was taken in the use of materials for the hydraulic system (pumps and pipes)

Due to the high toxicity of the material the production was equipped with a protective housing and ventilating system for the fumes in the position of the nozzles and the roof of the housing.

The production line possesses a high level automation, touch screen monitor and its control via a telecommunication line to our head office.

The production line has been processing successfully non-stop from 2008 without the need for any intervention from our technical support after the initial installation.