Standard Controls and Certification

METROTECH performs quality controls on the entire range of weighing equipment, from analytical laboratory scales to weighbridges. We possess the required technical “know how” for the control process, as well as for the required equipment (standard weights and balances ).

Standard weights of capacity 14 tones, which are inspected periodically so as to maintain accuracy for the class to which they belong.

The reference series of standard weights, from 1 mg to 20 kg, is carefully housed and inspected annually by an independent certified institution.
The control processes are in accordance with the austere European law O.I.M.L R 76-2

Performed control checks are:

  1. linearity
  2. repetitiousness
  3. sensitivity
  4. eccentricity


METROTECH is an ISO certified company ISO 9001:2008. This includes” Control and Adjustment of systems for Industrial and Commercial weighing”.